BIM is the acronym for the English acronym "Building Information Modeling" (which could well translate Models of Buildings Information), it is a collaborative work methodology for creating and managing a construction project. BIM is not a fashion or form of design, BIM, is much more than:

- 3D Object Modeling
- Quantitty take of a 3D model
- Environmental analysis of a project
- A software, a platform or application

This new form of work, proposes the development of systems of traditional design based on the plane, to the incorporation of geometric information (3D), time (4D), cost (5D), environmental data(6D) and maintenance (7D ).


The adoption of model BIM work by professional architects and actors related to construction projects, involves much more than train users and acquire technology (software and hardware), its successful implementation requires a detailed analysis of their current processes, strengths and weaknesses of your team and making clear and precise decisions that lead to a successful plan of work and adequate implementation, which lead to the achievement of the expected results for your organization.


Every technological advance involves new ways of performing tasks and new terms gradually integrated into the work environment every day, it is important to know them so you can understand the overall benefits of BIM.


The Autodesk Revit application has become synonymous with BIM and a growing number of projects that stipulate as a requirement for developing the use of this methodology, it is time to train and know all the advantages that this application has to offer.

Our personalized service training Revit, has been structured light of the best practices of teaching and the perspective of BIM, taking as its premise the specific needs of your team and your organization's goals in developing each their projects.


BIM User Guide (Español)
BIM Investiments- Guia para arquitectos (Ingles)
BIM + FM (Facility management - Ingles)
BIM + IPD (Integrated Project Delivery- Ingles)
BIM + Productivity (Ingles)


Each organization is unique, like its processes, it is important that applications work for you and fit your workflow.

Our implementation service includes customization and personalization of content for your work smooth and efficient, avoiding underutilization of valuable resources and potentiate continuous use of tools and best practices associated with project development.

We know that making the decision to migrate the system BIM work may be cause for doubt and confusion that can dangerously delay its development and therefore its competitiveness in the market, which is why we provide a preliminary assessment of your organization at no cost, that will let you know in detail what their options and possibilities of success.


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